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Chevrolet is an American brand with a history of delivering reliable vehicles at a fair price and emphasizing innovating every model year. They describe their brand as focusing on "quality, safety and innovation..." among their top priorities, and it shows that the carmaker has some of the best used vehicles you can find. They are vehicles that are built to last and provide the pinnacle of technology for whichever model year they were made. So, have you been considering a used Chevy vehicle? Join us below as we break down the most common models you will see on a used lot, and let us help you find the right Chevrolet vehicle for you.

Save With The Chevrolet Spark

Staring us off is one of the lowest-priced cars on the market today. A used Spark will run for less than $20,000, coming fully equipped and often still under warranty, depending upon model year and mileage. The only drawbacks of the Spark are its relatively small size and lack of performance on the freeway. However, the lack of space and small engine in the Spark is balanced out by a potential electric engine and a full gas model that reaches a fantastic mileage of around 33MPG combined. Yet, if you are looking for something more, check out the next entry on our list.

Go Further With The Sporty Camaro

The modern Camaro is more than just its old-school muscle roots. The current sixth-generation Camaro offers a 275-hp turbocharged inline-four, with a moderate 335-hp V-6 and a high-end 455-hp V-8, which puts it in competition with the modern Mustang. Its interior is large and roomy for its size and seats four easily, without forgetting about the back seat like many athletic sports cars seem to forget about. However, the Camaro won't be for everyone and is not a favorite among families. For a more versatile and family-friendly vehicle, read on below.

Enjoy The Smooth And Easy Ride Of The Chevy Malibu

The Malibu is a culmination of solid ride quality, a relatively spacious cabin, and moderate power with decent efficiency, all in a low-priced package that thrives in a relatively oversaturated market segment. It makes for a great commuter car; with its spacious interior, you can comfortably seat up to five adults. Finally, when you invest in a Chevy Malibu, you invest in a reliable piece of hardware that will last longer than the competition.

Go Offroad With The Tahoe

Are you looking for a bit more power and versatility off the road? The Chevrolet Tahoe may be what you are looking for in a vehicle. The Tahoe is comfortable, with competent handling and third-row room for expanded seating. This massive vehicle is also very functional, comfortable, and high-tech. Taking its name from the off-road areas around Lake Tahoe, it is built with off-road experiences as the baseline. Furthermore, if you opt for the recently redesigned models, which were released in 2021, you can expect the following specs:

• Engine: 5.3L V8 engine with optional 6.2L V8 engine that ranges from 277 to 420 hp • Cargo volume: 25.5 ft³, 122.9 ft³ with seat area • Efficiency: 21-28MPG • Towing Capacity: 7,600 lbs

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