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What makes a Dodge vehicle stand out from the competition? While reliability, incredible value, and build quality are all selling points, they are things that other car manufacturers also deliver as a baseline. Their dedication to performance and power is The deciding factor that pushes a used Dodge vehicle above the competition. From the devastatingly handsome Dodge Charger to the industry trendsetter of the Durango, when you consider a Dodge, you are considering one of the most finely tuned and impressive vehicles available today.

Take On The Road With The Charger And Challenger

The headliners of the Dodge lineup of modern vehicles are that of the sporty Charger and the aggressive Challenger. Depending upon your chosen model year, they will come with the most advanced tech for the time and provide incredible safety as a standard. Both qualify as sports cars, but each brings its own unique style to the forefront.

The Dodge Charger has your standard sedan style with four doors and ample seating for up to five. Those who are looking for a daily driver or family-focused car that delivers more than the bare minimum, like most sedans, are likely to find the Charger an attractive option. While it does not have the same impressive specs as its brother, the Challenger, the Charge can deliver around 290 hp on the lower end and upwards of 797hp supercharged V8 option.

Taking the performance of the Charger and turning it up to eleven, the Challenger has the potential to be one of the best sports cars on the road, trading the narrow and petit style of European sports cars for something more akin to the traditional bulk of American muscle. Slimmer than the Charger and with less of a focus on passenger capacity, the Challenger is all performance and leaves the competition in the dust.

At a minimum, you are looking at 300+ horsepower from the Challenger, with it capping out at an impressive 807hp in the highest-end trims.

Do More With A Dodge Durango

Are you looking for something that keeps the athletic appeal and aggressive tone of the Challenger or Charger but in a roomier package? The Durango has you covered on all fronts, delivering comfortable seating for up to seven on some models, along with the high-performance characteristic of all Dodge vehicles. However, the muscle car persona of the Durango is a facade that hides a competent and smooth-driving family car behind it. Furthermore, the Dodge Durango has a standard towing capacity of 6,200 lbs with the rear-wheel drive models and up to 8,700 lbs when equipped with the premium edition or the optional towing package. When considering a Durango as a used vehicle, there are a lot of different trim options, and each model year builds upon the previous, giving you a lot of options but also limiting the inventory and making it a must-buy for many owners which can leave lots surprisingly devoid of Dodge inventory.

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