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Honda vehicles are some of the most durable cars on the road and make a fantastic investment in safety and reliability. No matter what used Honda vehicle you are considering, your new ride will likely have incredible versatility, excellent fuel economy, and low maintenance costs, thanks to their fantastic reliability. So, why consider purchasing a used Honda vehicle from Boerne Nissan? We have a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles, and Honda models are some of the best-performing cars available in our massive used lot. Check out below as we break down all of the most popular used Honda vehicles available at your local Boerne Nissan dealership.

The Used Honda Civic At Boerne Nissan

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular Honda vehicles that have been on the roads for over forty years. While the Civic has undergone several model changes and various iterations over the years, the most recent tenth generation, which started in 2016, has several selling points that make it a fantastic all-around sedan. The main reasons that the Civic is superior to the competition include:

• Incredible Fuel Efficiency, 32-41 Miles Per Gallon On Newer Models • Reliability And Durability That is Unmatched In Its Class • Solid Style With Unique Curb Appeal That Stands Out Among Other Small Sedans • Spacious Interior And Great Cargo Space For A Sedan

The Used Honda Accord At Boerne Nissan

If the Honda Civic is a bit too basic for you, perhaps you should consider a used Honda Accord. Across the board, the Accord tends to have more advanced technological features than most Honda vehicles and is a luxurious mid-sized sedan with a budget price point. The Accord has the same reliability, fuel efficiency, and durability as other Honda vehicles but comes with a bit extra. First and foremost, the Accord can come in a hybrid model, although those go fast and may not be immediately available in our used lot due to their popularity. Furthermore, it will have a more robust infotainment, more excellent quality of life features like Android Auto and Apple Car Play standard, and newer models benefit from some of the best audio systems on the market. However, the Accord is slightly larger than its cousin and fails to deliver the same incredible fuel efficiency as the Civic, outside the hybrid option.

The Used Honda Pilot At Boerne Nissan

Like its brethren, the Honda Pilot is a reliable and efficient vehicle that retains value across all the model years. However, unlike the Civic and Accord, a used Honda Pilot is one of the best family cars on the market today. It can seat up to eight and has a vast cargo capacity nearly double its smaller siblings. The Pilot delivers the same advanced tech as the Accord but in a more stylish and popular design. Furthermore, no matter the model year, you can expect exceptional reliability on a used Honda Pilot, as even twenty-year-old models with over 150,000 miles on them still perform at near their peak and will continue to grace the roads for decades to come.

Get Your Used Honda Vehicle At Boerne Nissan

Our selection of used Honda vehicles is constantly changing as their popularity and reliability are a well-known secret. So come on in today or check out our used Honda inventory here. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM and open at 9 AM on Saturdays, closed Sundays. Give us a call at 210-233-6700 to speak with one of our sales professionals and schedule a test drive for your used Honda vehicle today!

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